Friday, January 12, 2018

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I have all of the books that inspire me with words of wisdom on the counter in the kayos. 
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Monday, January 1, 2018

Is Santa real?

Is Santa real? That is the question my youngest asked her older sister.  My older daughter said, "what do you think?"  My youngest said, "I think it's Mom."  This Christmas was hard because we weren't sure if Amy still believed in Santa or not.  Emily wanted to spill the beans and let the cat out of the bag.  I told her no, it has to happen naturally.  She said but it's all a lie and you tell us not to lie so why are you?  All valid comments.  For the past week or so I have had a huge box in my bedroom that Amy kept asking about.  I told her Santa sent it early and that I didn't know what was in it and I couldn't open it.  Honestly I had no place to keep this box it was so big.  I think when it was opened on Christmas is when she really put it all together.  So after reading what other parents did on Pinterest I decided to write the kids my own letter from Ken and I.  Here is the letter I gave them.  When Amy found it on the tree, she brought it to me I told her to read it to Emily but she didn't want to read it out loud.  So I read it to them and about half way thru it I got choked up and started crying.  This whole thing was so unreal.  When I finished I looked up from the paper and Emily was all red in the face and crying too.  Amy had a tear in her eye and said, "see this is why I didn't want to tell you Mom."

Dear Amy, Emily & Alex too,
Is Santa real? Are you Santa? Who is Santa? How did this all get started?  You tell us not to tell a lie, but you lied to us…
I know you have all been asking these questions and wondering. Sorry but, there really isn’t just one answer to your questions.    And the answers don’t come easy, we had to give it careful thought to not destroy your Christmas Spirit.  Christmas isn’t just about presents.  It’s about believing without seeing.  Christmas is the birth of our Savior, Jesus.  We can’t see him, but we know he is real.  We can’t give Jesus material gifts, but we can love one another the way God loves us.  We can believe, and we can share Christmas joy with others.  That is why we give gifts to each other.  Not just the gifts that we write down on a list but thoughtful things that come from the heart.  Sometimes those gifts are homemade, sometimes they are big or small, and some cannot be measured at all.  If you give with all your heart that is the best gift of all. 
I know that doesn’t really answer your questions either so here is more…
No, we are not Santa.  There is no one Santa.  Santa is bigger than any one person.  Think of Yes Virginia, “There is a Santa Claus.  He exists as certainly as love and joy…No Santa Claus!  Thank God, he lives and lives forever.  A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.”  Santa is everywhere.  Whether or not you believe in Santa Claus is in your heart.  Santa’s touch is felt around the world every year.  Every year he seems to become more popular in countries where he wasn’t before.  If he wasn’t real, how could he do that?  Santa is all about believing.  Everything and everyone changes and grows up, that’s what life is all about.  What you believe today might be different that what you believe tomorrow or even next year.  The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and that you keep the spirit of Santa alive in your heart.  Just like you keep the love of special people in your heart.  If you keep a special place for him in your heart he will exist in the most important place of all.
Yes, it’s true, Dad and I are the ones who fill your stockings and wrap your presents, the same way Grandma & Grandpa and Grammy & Grampy did for us and their parents for them.  And hopefully someday you will do for your children.  You will love seeing them run down the stairs on Christmas morning.  Better than any gift that you could give us is watching you open your gifts every year.  The magic that fills the room fills our hearts, and makes memories to last a lifetime.
Keeping the magic alive is a big job, and an important one that needs to last your whole life long.  Santa is also a teacher and we have been his students.  Now you know the secret of how he gets presents all around the world in one night, he has help from all the people whose hearts he has filled with joy.  Now you too must help keep his spirit alive.  With hearts full of love like Daddy and I we help Santa do a job that would otherwise be impossible. 
So, no, Dad and I aren’t Santa.  Santa is love, magic, hope, joy, belief and happiness.  We are on Team Santa and now you are too.  We love you all very much and always will. 
Love, Hugs & Kisses,

Mom & Dad

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