Thursday, May 26, 2022

What's in my backpack for hiking...

 Getting ready to have an active summer and thought I would share what's in my hiking backpack with you. It's time to BE on the move again. As the weather gets nicer I can't wait to hike again and go kayaking. It's important to be prepared for any situation.  For anyone interested I will put in links for where I purchased items.  Make sure to check the weather before you go so you dress properly and add clothes for wind or rain and wear proper footwear. 


2. Brightly colored bandana

3. Hair scrunchie or hair tie

4. bug repelant clip

5. CPR mouth guard

6. Tic remover

7. Hand sanitizer


1. Water bladder or water bottle

2. Headlamp

3. Bug spray

4. Sun block

5. Toilet paper in zip lock

6. Folding hiking poles

7. Micro fiber quick dry towel

8. Trail food, granola bars

9. Rain cover for backpack

10. Map

11. First aid kit (with survival blanket included)

12. Lip balm

13. Soap sheets

14. Small note pad, pencil and highlighter

15. Monocular

16. Compression knee brace

17. Compression ankle brace

18. Extra socks

19. Gallon bag to keep things dry

20. Whistle, knife & rope


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