Friday, February 25, 2022

Be on the move 52 week challenge 2022

 Be on the Move 52 in 2022 

Somewhere I saw a 52 week hiking challenge and thougtht I could do something like that.  So I decided to make my own 52 week challenge. 52 weeks of being on the move some how like hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing or other way of moving, weather and calendar permitting I am going to challenge myself to move.  The idea comes from 52 weeks in a year but they don't have to be done consecutively if weather or calendar don't permit being able to hike, kayak, snowshoe or some other way of moving.  I will document my challenge on here.  I have made a chart to log it incase anyone else would like to do it here is a pdf of the chart.

Back to the Chuctanunda Creek Trail Hike with snowshoes 5/52


Hike 5/52

Beautiful warmer winter day to dust off our snowshoes and get fresh air and a hike in before lunch. Back to the Chuctanunda Creek Trail for another hike this time with snowshoes.  Using the snowshoes did make it more of a workout thats for sure.  It's been a year since I used them and I forgot how tired I would be afterwards.  You don't realize it while you are on the trail but later that day and the next day my hips hurt.  It did make walking in the snow more enjoyable though.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Chuctanunda Creek Trail Hike 4/52


Hike 4/52

For our 4th hike of the year we are staying in Amsterdam and hitting the Chuctanunda Creek Trail.  I have done this trail in the summer and fall but this is my first time in the winter.  This is a nice easy mile hike from the parking area to the old factory.  They city has placed signs on the strail with historic information on the old factory and surrounding area.  The Chuctandunda Creek was a vital part of the development of Amsterdam.  We only hiked a small section of the trail as there is much more to it.

Great Flats Nature Trail Hike 3/52


Hike 3/52

Finally did Great Flats Nature Trail in Rotterdam.  I have driven past the trail head many times and wanted to check it out.    As we were getting out of the van I noticed other people in the parking lot putting on Yaktrax luckily we had them in the van from last week.  It was a good thing I noticed it because the boardwalks were icey and it definately made a difference wearing them.  We were pleasantly surprised and look forward to going back when it's warmer.  Considering how close the trail is to the highway Great Flats was a very nice hike with not much noice polution .  One thing I would like to make mention of is the number of thorny vines on this trail.  Towards the end of the hike I grazed one and it ripped my coat.  Hope to be on the move on another trail next weekend. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Hike Willie Marsh 2/52


Hike 2/52

Week two in 2022 and we are back to Willie Marsh doing hike 2/52, so far so good.  This time the girls had Yaktrax on while Ken and I had boots on.  The girls definately had the advantage with the yaktrax as there were some slippery spots, but Ken and I did have out hiking poles so that helped.   There was more snow this week and we decided to tak the other trail, however when we got to the bridge we split up 2 and 2.  Amy brought along 35mm camera to photograph the bridges so Ken and Emily went the other loop and meet us at the other bridge so we weren't rushed.  The lighting was beautiful on the fresh snow.  Another hike filling our lungs with fresh crisp air.  Can't wait to see where the trails take me this year.

Friday, February 18, 2022

First Day Hike Willie Marsh 1/52

Jan 1, 2022

Hike 1/52

I saw some where a 52 Hike Challange and I decided to make my own as part of my BE List for 2022.  So New Years Day we started off on the right foot by taking an easy hike, Willie Marsh in Caroga Lake.  In 3/4 seasons I would say this is considered an easy hike.  For this time of year we didn't have too much snow so we tried it with only boots as it was an unseasonably warm day.  Well it wasn't hard, but it was cold, slippery in spots, we should have had spikes on our boots.  We were faced with the challange of getting across a running stream of freezing cold water, which was easier for my kids than me.  The fresh air was great for my lungs, I felt refreshed at the end, a good feeling to start the new year with.  The marsh was frozen but we found evidence of busy beavers working hard through the cold winter.   We did the loop to the left from the picnic area which was 1.5 miles.  Check out this pdf map before you head out.  This is a great hike for all skill levels in warmer weather and is wheelchair accessible for some of it, however no good for wheelchairs in the winter.  We plan hope to go back with snowshoes this winter.


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