Frog in a Mayonnaise Jar

Today Amy went to her friend Grace's birthday party.  When I picked her up she tells me she has a frog.  I said, "really?  Can I see it?"  She proceeds to hand me a zip-lock bag with a tiny frog in it and some grass.  "Can I keep it Momma?" How could I say no to a frog in a zip-lock bag...

When we got home we had to make this frog a proper habitat.  The best we could do was a mayonnaise jar.  Who would have known this would keep a 5 year old busy for hours, just staring at the little frog, now named Hopper.
Of course Hopper was hungry, or so she thought.  We caught a fly for him and put it in the jar, Amy watched him for at least 2 hours, waiting for him to eat the fly.  Amy fell asleep waiting.
Frog vs. Fly

Amy loves her new frog Hopper.

Froggy kisses.


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