Saturday, March 23, 2019

Summer Reflections 2018

Another summer is over time to reflect once again.  I better post this before you know it summer will be here again.  The kids are growing up, becoming more real.  Some day soon they will fly out of the nest and have to be real adults. My goal is that they will have enough childhood memories of summers to take with them.

End of year band concerts, kayaking with Girl Scouts, soccer games, Amy got the first in Pool Award, Father's Day,  pool with cousins, Exchange Student from Spain arrives

1st Week at Camp Fowler for Emily, July Exchange student arrives, Sunsets at the bridge, 4th of July & Fireworks, Hike to Abandoned Factory, Night time Bridge walks, NY State Museum, Lake George Village, Kayaking with Cousins, Re-make picture with cousins at park, tennis camp, Kayaking with Exchange students and host families, day at the beach, Great Escape, kayaking with Alex, Jumpin' Jack's, Good-bye to cousins and exchange students, Sunday worship at Camp Fowler

Tall Pines for a week, searching for waterfalls, river fun with cousins and friends, Creative collages, tiny frog, diving board, BIG rocks, suspension bridge, campfire, s'mores, 2nd and 3rd weeks at Camp Fowler for Emily, week at Camp Fowler for Amy, Sunflower field, Glimmerglass, kayaking with friends, Got our own kayaks,  night away and kayaking with Ken, Sunday worship at Camp Fowler

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