Sunday, February 20, 2022

Great Flats Nature Trail Hike 3/52


Hike 3/52

Finally did Great Flats Nature Trail in Rotterdam.  I have driven past the trail head many times and wanted to check it out.    As we were getting out of the van I noticed other people in the parking lot putting on Yaktrax luckily we had them in the van from last week.  It was a good thing I noticed it because the boardwalks were icey and it definately made a difference wearing them.  We were pleasantly surprised and look forward to going back when it's warmer.  Considering how close the trail is to the highway Great Flats was a very nice hike with not much noice polution .  One thing I would like to make mention of is the number of thorny vines on this trail.  Towards the end of the hike I grazed one and it ripped my coat.  Hope to be on the move on another trail next weekend. 

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