Monday, October 4, 2010

Creative Energy and Writers Block

Can't believe that for the past week I have had no creative thoughts.  I have been working on me but I've mostly been wrapped up in the back to school, sports and scouts routine.  Can't believe that I'm talking about this and 42 days have gone by since that night when I couldn't sleep and had to write this wonderful idea of my BE List down and now days 32-42 have flown by.
Day 32- Soccer Saturday, Busy morning of AYSC Soccer then home for lunch and lawn mowing
Day 33- Lazy Sunday- Did nothing today, it was a day of rest. Everyone is fighting something, hot & sour soup for the cure all.
Day 34- Apple a Day but not much more
Day 35- Writers Block
Day 36- Experimenting with new recipes
Day 37-Boot Camp and Picked up Aunt Barbara from the train station with Amy
Creative thinking did occur.  I took pictures of Amy.
Day 38-  Lots of running around
Day 39- Soccer Saturday
Day 40- Apple picking with Emily and the Brownies
Day 41- No Boot camp Stomach Ache
Ever have a day when you didn't want to do anything?
Day 42- Drive to Albany do Girl Scout Leader errands

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