Thursday, October 7, 2010

Field Trip Surprise

When I picked Amy up at school today I told her I had a surprise for her, we were going on a "Field Trip."  I told her we needed to pick up a surprise to bring with us.  What surprise she wondered...  I told her we were going to pick up a friend to bring with us on our apple picking field trip.  She got so excited and guessed right away that is was Grace.  The two of them were so happy on the ride there, sitting in the back of the van together.  We had a wonderful afternoon at Bellinger's Orchard on a beautiful Indian Summer day picking apples and enjoying friends.  Beth and I each got caught up taking pictures capturing every moment and making memories.  We had a very nice picnic lunch in the orchard and then the girls played in the hay maze, sitting on pumpkins, finding a grass hopper, hugging the apple trees and of course picking apples.  We ended up with a wonderful mixed bag of apples of every size.

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