Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Poetry I wrote in College

When I went to Cazenovia College I took a poetry class and entered these poems in the college creative magazine, Images in 1990.  I found my copy of it the recently.  The words I wrote ring true for college students still, 27 years later.  I was my son's age now when I wrote these poems, so long ago, I hope he hears them. 

The hurry and the noise of the students in the quad,
Sometimes makes me feel very odd.
Wondering if it's only me?
Feeling so lonely and so free.
Away from the parents and the rules,
Alone, in a strange place, nothing to hold you down.
All you have left of your past life,
is memories.
Most of the friends are gone.
Now, who do you talk to when you feel all along?
Find a friend, we all feel the same.
It's college and it's your future.
It's no longer a game.

~Laura Leah Luffman

What makes me feel the way I do?
I want to feel happy, but instead, I feel blue.
Friendships come and friendships go,
But why do they have to hurt so?
I saw you here just last night,
How can things change so much, right before my very sight?
You know I care,
Even though I don't know why I dare.
As soon as I feel your presences in the room,
my heart begins to skip a beat.
Because it's always such a treat.
To see you every once in a while make me feel so grand.
I think we should dance to the beat of the band.
Please don't let another part of me leave.
It makes life so hard to believe.
I'll miss you and think of you all the time,
I need some reason for me to rhyme.

~Laura Leah Luffman

Growing up-
Now that I'm grown up and live almost on my own,
It's hard to come home to the parents and the rules.
I've been gone for only a few months,
but already I feel like a guest in my own bed.
No place to feel comfortable to lay my head.
Once you graduate from high school and go to college
You're not watched over as carefully.
You can come and go when you want.
Not worrying if you'll get caught.
Now it's time for responsibilities,
You've got to learn to survive.
Just think of it as learning to drive.
Pray that you won't crash and burn.
Work for the top.
Grow inch by inch from the bottom.
Grow up strong and proud,
Voice your feelings very loud.

~Laura Leah Luffman

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