Happy Birthday to my "Little Laura"

My daughter Emily turned 9 the middle of December.  "Little Laura" as my mom calls her.  She really is a "mini me,"  but she is also a truly unique girl.  I will never forget the day she was born, I didn't believe the nurse when she told me I had a girl.  I was so happy, after all I already had a little boy, Alex and now he would have a little sister to protect.  Protect, ha ha, that rarely happens these days, they are 9 and 12 and usually fighting but I know they really love each other.  Emily does have it tough being the middle child and a big sister herself.  With a little sister following her around, it isn't easy.  I should know...I have a little sister too, who when we were little was annoying to me.  Now that we are grown up and have children of our own I'm so glad I have my sister.  I love her very much. 
So Emily...I try to do special things with her since she's the middle child.  We do Girl Scouts together, I'm her Brownie Leader.  On her birthday we went to a play together with some of her Brownie friends and her BFF Kayli.  We then went for gourmet cupcakes at Bettie's Cakes a cupcakery cafe.  The theme of Emily's birthday was cupcakes.  I made her a GIANT cupcake cake for her family party the day before. 
Blow out your candles and Make a Wish!  I hope all your wishes come true, Emily!~ love, Mom


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