Monday, April 11, 2011

NYC Feb 15, 2011

Had a great time in NYC.  It was very interesting seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a television show. I had no problem getting up early since my adrenaline was already pumping.  My day started very early to get to the train station on time.  I left the house at 4am took the 5:10 train from Rensselaer arriving at 7:35 in Penn Station. Got off the train and walked down 7th Ave to W26th between 7th and 8th Ave to Chelsea Television Studio where The Martha Stewart Show is taped.  My sister and I were in an all sister audience for the Sister Show.  When we arrived at the studio at 8am there was already a line of other sisters waiting in the cold.
 We stood waiting in the cold under the striped Martha sign for about 45 minutes before they let us in.  Even thought it was a very cold a windy day in NYC, my excitement kept me warm.  The show was great but Joey Kola the warm up guy was really what made it a lot of fun. When he came down let us know what the show was going to be about, give us some directions and warm us up, he actually gave me the first 1, 2, 3 giveaways...bottles of water.  Of course the giveaways at the show were great too, but books are very heavy to carry around NYC. 
After the show we were able to meet up with our cousin and spend the day walking around the city.  We walked and walked in and out of shops. We stopped for a delicous lunch at one of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week.  A gourmet lunch with cocktails, and dessert.  After lunch we strolled the streets of NY some more.  Stoping in Saks 5th Ave and trying on some very ugly but very expensive hats, laughing the whole time.  We had the best time together that we lost track of time on our way back to the train station. We had to run the last few blocks to Penn Station so we wouldn't miss the train.  Talk about making it to the station on time. 
I arrived home to find a happy ending to my already wonderful day.  My kids, mother and husband made me a welcome home sign, complete with a drawing of Lynn and I and a Martha Stewart Sign.  It was so cute.    In all my excitement I didn't realize how excited they were for me. 
It makes you feel good when you get to check things off your list, BE List that is.

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