Saturday, September 25, 2010

All you need is LOVE

We watched the documentary "Babies" tonight.  It was beautiful, sometimes funny and always amazing.  Most of all it was very interesting to see how 4 different cultures care for their babies the 1st year of life.  It was interesting how different each culture is in caring for our children and yet how we are all the same when it comes to loving our children.   Where ever they are from babies are babies and mommies are mommies.  The things we give them might all be different but we all do what we do because we love our babies.  Babies don't care what stroller they ride in or what clothes they wear if any.  They all need love and nurturing from their parents to help them grow strong of body, mind and spirit.  I watched Oprah interview the director of Babies, Thomas Balmes and he said that the only criteria for finding the babies was that they came from a loving home.  
 All they need is love. 

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