Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Lazy summer morning, only a week of them left.  It's going to be just as hard for me as it is for the kids getting up early when school starts again. 

Breakfast with the Today Show, coffee with and English Muffin with PB&J.

Laundry and Lunch, hot roast beef with cottage cheese and iced tea.
This afternoon we went exploring with my parents on a short hike to Tenant Creek Falls

We walked the trail along side the creek, listening to the sound of the water on the rocks as we walked.  Always keeping my eyes open.  So many beautiful things to photograph, in all sizes, from as small as an acorn to the tallest pine tree reaching for the sun.  I saw a lot of things that everyone else just walked by, like a tiny orange mushroom and a tree growing on top of a HUGE rock. 

As soon as we got to the beautiful falls the kids went right in the water.  For a hot day of 90 degrees, the water was crisp and cold and very refreshing.  Alex went exploring looking for more parts to his Nature Merit Badge.  I kept looking through the eyes of my camera and then went exploring on my own up the edge of the falls to see it from a different vantage point.

Ken and I made a very fresh, healthy, delicious dinner when we got home.  Grilled chicken, with a warm potato salad.


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