ARTSY from

-artsy crafty
adjective- characterized by a showy, pretentious, and often spurious display of artistic interest, manner or mannerism
-(informal) having an ostentatious or affected interest in or desire to imitate artist's or artistic standards.

Am I Artsy?
I used to think I was...but I definitely don't think I'm pretentious or spurious or ostentatious.  In fact I am just the opposite, I am shy and hide behind this body of mine.  I do not wear showy clothes at all.
I am how ever artsy crafty.  And I do display artistic interest and have the desire to imitate artistic standards. 
I love making things with my hands and creating, whether it is a photograph, a card, jewelry or my children's Halloween costume.  I love to be crafty, some might say I'm quite skillful and ingenious when it comes to things that require creativity, but I'm not cunning, deceitful or sly.  WOW maybe I shouldn't have looked up these definitions.


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