Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Life happens...

My last official blog post was Sept 10, 2011.  That was almost exactly 6 years ago.  In my drafts I found 3 blog posts that I never posted from 2013.  A lot has happened in those 6 years, Life happened.  My children are older and so are my husband and I.  As they say, "Time keeps on ticking into the future."
In that time that kept ticking away this is what happened....
My oldest child and son moved up from middle school to high school, got his driving permit,  earned his Eagle Scout, got his drivers license,  graduated from high school and is now in his second year of community college.
My middle child and older daughter moved up from elementary to middle school to high school, earned her Girl Scout Silver Award, has been on the track team, is in concert and marching band and on the varsity tennis team.
My youngest child and daughter earned her Girl Scout Bronze Award, was on a diving team, did all county chorus, started learning trombone, moved up from elementary to middle school.
My husband has changed jobs twice, advancing both times, is an Elder at church and is an active part of the church Consistory.  He is a Eagle dad, Girl Scout Dad, Diving Dad and band dad.  Supportive in every way.
I finished 15 years of being an active member in the PTA at my children's elementary school, earned my 10 year pin for being a Girl Scout Leader, lead 2 troops, "retired" from substitute teaching.  I am still and will always be a wife and mother.  This past summer we hosted an exchange student from Spain for a month.  I never thought that in that short amount of time I would get so attached to her, one month wasn't enough time.
I'm not a professional writer, I am really doing this blog for my own motivation, if anyone reads it during my journey and likes it that will be a bonus.  I am not going to write and edit then post.  This is like a journal for me so I'm just going to write what I'm thinking about and post it.  I really need to get on with the rest of my day because the clock is still ticking....

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