Monday, January 24, 2022

2022 BE List

 2022 BE List

52 Week On The Move Hike Challenge (Oola Family, Oola Friends, Oola Fitness, Oola Fun)

BE Healthier- Eat Right and Move More (Oola Fitness, Oola Fun, Oola Family)

BE Creative- Draw & Paint Dot Mandala Mediation, make earings (Oola Fun, Oola Faith) create income, sell something on etsy, teach a class (Oola Field, Oola Finance)

21 Week On The Move Kayak Challenge (Oola Fitness, Oola Fun, Oola Family, Oola Friends)

Woodstock-Hike Overlook Mountain (Oola Fun, Oola Fitness, Oola Family, Oola Friends)

Van Camping-Build out bed, Van Camp 4 times (Oola Fun, Oola Family)

Our Home- Finish Painting Moulding in hallway and stairway, Hang up pictures, Paint Our Bedroom, New bedding & Window coverings, Paint Amy's room, Paint Bathroom, New storm doors front and back, Paint front porch & ceiling, Paint garage, Paint Kitchen, cabinets and floor, New living room furniture, Driveway (Oola Family, Oola Fitness)

(F's of Oola Review, Live a life balanced in 7 key areas:Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, Fitnes, Field, Finance)

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