Friday, January 14, 2022

ArtsyBE On The Move


On The Move was a a thought I had years ago, that came from being a mom, always doing something and then actually moving from our apartment into our house back in our home town.  Recently I had an aha moment when I was trying to create content to get my artsyBE blog active again.  On my 5oth birthday I was kayaking with my life long friends, Beth and Becky and Beth said that I was so "kayak-ey."  Honestly, I wasn't sure how to take the comment, if it was a compliment or an insult.  After a lot of thinking about "kayak-ey," I decided that she was complimenting me.  She was saying I'm so "kayak-ey" because I know a lot about kayaking safety, how to load the kayaks on my car, accessories for kayaking, and cool spots to go kayaking. (She also researched a really cool gift to take along with me kayaking, a monocular, a Celestron Nature Waterproof Monocular.Its the perfect size to take whatever I’m doing kayaking or hiking. I love it. )   My husband told me I should coin the term and start a blog called "kayak-ey." But I didn't want to just limit myself to one topic, and then I thought to use "On The Move" for my new blog name .  On The Move, is going to be about moving in nature, kayaking, hiking, taking pictures, traveling, going, seeing and doing things that interest me not limited to those listed above.  I'm also going to try to come out from behind the camera more than I usually do.  Another part of "On The Move" comes from being able to move more than before.  Since Jan. 2020 I have lost and kept off 40 pounds, which has enabled me to be more active again, and I'm proud of it. I still have more to loose so I'm going to try to keep moving.  Here it goes, my first post for, On The Move or artsyBE On The Move.

That's Me after kayaking on my 50th birthday at Mason Lake, just past Speculator, NY.

Fabulous 50 charcuterie board dinner after kayaking.  DELICOUS!

Near a Mural on a side street in Woodstock, NY.

I love going to Woodstock and being around artsy people.

Hike to Mud Lake, Mayfield, NY.  This is part of the Fulton County Five Hike Challenge 

I'm doing the challenge with my friend Chris.

Mushroom on the Stewart Lake and Indian Lake Hike another one in the five hike challenge.

So many cool mushrooms this year because of all the rain.

My girls exploring at Owen D. Young Nature Trail in Fort Plain, NY

My friend Chris on our hike to Nine Corners Lake part of the five hike challenge.

Happy Rd. on the way to Woodstock, NY

I love a road trips and exploring, this is the road for me.
Sunflower field at Karen's Produce and Ice Cream
Waterlily on the Kunjamuk.  My FAVORITE place to kayak.
Lake Durant through my photosphere
The Kunjamuk, in Speculator, NY  my happy place.

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