Monday, January 3, 2022

"But if I'm honest, I'm pretty sure I get more out of Girl Scouts than they do,"


 I read something today in a Facebook Girl Scout Leader Group,

"but if I'm honest, I'm pretty sure I get more out of Girl Scouts than they do,"  
That statement is so true. I have been leading my daughters Girl Scout Troop for 11 years.  For years at our fall ceremony I have thanked my scouts parents for giving their daughters the gift of scouting.  Fact is I would like to thank them for giving their daughters to me to mentor them.  I have I have watched them grow from shy little daisies thru their awkward middle school years and into high school.  Finding their way and watching their personalities come out.  

I started this post a while ago but after camping this weekend I am able to wrap it up.  Both troops went camping together again since our numbers are down it's the only practical way to go camping.  Only 3 Seniors went, 5 Cadettes and 5 adults.  It was a fun weekend full for adventure, laughter, "spoons" and silliness, they even accomplished a badge and the Cadettes worked on their journey.  We have been working on the MEdia journey and also the Outdoor Journey.  They each chose which issue they wanted to address and are making individual PSA videos and having the other girls be part of their video.  They each had to do a storyboard and come up with a plan to get the other girls involved, so they show leadership.  There was some ad libbing in each of their videos.  Now for the fun part and suspence for the rest of us.  They need to put edit and put their videos together and then plan a "Premiere Night."

As I have said so many times before they girls inspire me to lead them.  And so this weekend they inspired me to make a video using iMovie I put together a short trailer of this weekend.  

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