Friday, January 14, 2022

My Fall BE List


 Every season needs a plan, here is my Fall BE List 2021.

1.Cider Donuts 

2.Drive to Adirondacks to see the fall colors. 

3.Dinner in Blue Mountain Lake with Dad.

4.Dot Painting

5.Bake Apple pie for dads birthday

6.Find the Fork in the road 

7.Finish the Fulton County Five Hikes Challenge

8.Take folding bikes to bike path.

9.Kayak the Kunjamuk one more time before it gets cold.

10..Kayak on Cascade Lakes
I took these pictures last year when driving home from Lake Pacid.
Doesn't it look like a beautiful place to kayak in the fall?

11. Get to Woodstock one more time before the cold weather comes and go to Mower's Flea Market.

Be, Go, Do! 

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