Saturday, March 23, 2019

Summer Reflections 2018

Another summer is over time to reflect once again.  I better post this before you know it summer will be here again.  The kids are growing up, becoming more real.  Some day soon they will fly out of the nest and have to be real adults. My goal is that they will have enough childhood memories of summers to take with them.

End of year band concerts, kayaking with Girl Scouts, soccer games, Amy got the first in Pool Award, Father's Day,  pool with cousins, Exchange Student from Spain arrives

1st Week at Camp Fowler for Emily, July Exchange student arrives, Sunsets at the bridge, 4th of July & Fireworks, Hike to Abandoned Factory, Night time Bridge walks, NY State Museum, Lake George Village, Kayaking with Cousins, Re-make picture with cousins at park, tennis camp, Kayaking with Exchange students and host families, day at the beach, Great Escape, kayaking with Alex, Jumpin' Jack's, Good-bye to cousins and exchange students, Sunday worship at Camp Fowler

Tall Pines for a week, searching for waterfalls, river fun with cousins and friends, Creative collages, tiny frog, diving board, BIG rocks, suspension bridge, campfire, s'mores, 2nd and 3rd weeks at Camp Fowler for Emily, week at Camp Fowler for Amy, Sunflower field, Glimmerglass, kayaking with friends, Got our own kayaks,  night away and kayaking with Ken, Sunday worship at Camp Fowler

Friday, March 22, 2019

Update on Me and a Change of Plans

Update on Me and a Change of Plans

So, last February I started on a new life journey to find and live my Oola Life.  This isn't something that just happens after you read the 1st book, "Oola, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World" or after you read the 2nd book, "Oola for Women: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World- How to the 7 Key Areas of Life."    Life is an ever changing journey and adventure.  Living your Oola Life isn't always going to be easy, there will be many obstacles to overcome along the way.  Just like the saying goes, "don't put all your eggs in one basket,"  don't just focus on one area of your life.  You need balance in all 7 areas: faith, fitness, family, friends, fun, finance and field, in order to truly find Oola.

In early October I met the Oola Guys, Dr. Dave & Dr. Troy, (Click here to find out what Oola is) at a Young Living Rally, in Rochester, NY. (Click here to find out what Young Living is)
 My husband and I went away for the weekend with out the kids.  It was a much needed get away, just the two of us, and definitely not long enough.  Before we went to the Rally we walked along Lake Ontario.  Even though it was windy and a little over cast, when we got out of the car the skies cleared and it was beautiful.

When I met them I was totally freaking out with nerves and excitement.  Just thinking about it brings me back.  They are 2 awesome guys.  I got hugs, they signed my books and I got my picture with them.  I also gave them 100 dreams that I had collected for "The Heather Project."  You can see by my red face how nervous I was to meet them (Dr. Dave is holding the dream stickers in his hand in the picture below.)

Well last year I was really working on balancing my life.  I was loving exercising for the first time ever in my life. I loved it so much so that when I was working on fitness, I was also working on friends, family and fun.  I tried kickboxing last year and loved it, I still do.  This has now become an obstacle I need to overcome.  In late October I began having bad pain behind my knee, and calf.  I was back and forth to the doctors, with an ultrasound, an x-ray, MRI and getting physical therapy.  First they checked to see if I had blood clot, NOPE.  Then I was diagnosis with a Baker's Cyst behind my knee.  Well the pain and swelling got worse and I went back to the doctor.  This time they said that they cyst probably ruptured and that was causing the pain and the swelling.  I was told to rest, ice, use compression and elevate.  Because of the pain my blood pressure was elevated over all of these appointments and they told me I needed to go on medication for high blood pressure.  Needless to say I can't do kickboxing anymore.  I felt awful and was depressed, which turned me back to bad habits of not healthy snacks.  Eventually when my leg started feeling better I tried a few times going back to kickboxing with alternative exercises, only to be in pain the next few days.  One step forward, two steps back.  I gained more than half of what I lost back.  But thru it all there is one thing I haven't gone back to and that is coffee.  So the weight I lost from giving up coffee and switching to tea with nothing in it, has stayed off.
About a month ago I tried kickboxing again and ended up at urgent care the next day, in excruciating pain and not able to put weight on my leg.  The doctor went over my last MRI with me but this time he told me something that the doctor in November never mentioned.  In addition to a minor meniscus tear and arthritis, I have NO CARTILAGE left in my knee.  He said the only thing he could offer me was a cortisone shot, so I took it.   I am feeling better than I was but I still have days of pain and stiffness and probably always will.  I don't know what the future holds for my knee exactly but I will not let it take over, I will overcome.  Today is the first day to turn things around, the winds of change have blown into my life, my adventure is just going to make a slight turn and adjustment.  I will keep working on getting my Oola Life, because I am worth it.  As the Oola Guys say, "I am designed by God for greatness and a purpose."

So my wheel is off balance right now, and I have to slow down a little but it will not stop me.  I will keep trying new things to find balance in my life.  I will continue watching the Oola Guys videos.  I signed up to be part of the focus group to review their next book coming out in July, "Oola for Christians."  And even though the doctor said I can't do kickboxing any more, I'm not giving up on me.  I did it before I can do it again.  I will loose weight and get feeling better.  #oolalife #liveoola

It's been a's time

It's been a's time

It's been a while...
It's been a while since I've logged in.
It's been a while since I've written.
Thoughts race thru my mind all the time
I need to get back to into the grind
Time to get back to me
and work on artsyBE
Time to work on my purpose
Time to live a life of gratitude
Time to write done the thoughts racing thru my mind
Time to share my visions
it's time

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Still Chugging Along, My Oola Life Journey Update

It has been 201 days since I started my Oola Life Journey.  It's not always easy to stay on track with eating healthy.  Right now I've been cheating A LOT.  I need to get back on track with my eating.  I have been craving things that aren't good for me and giving in.  So yesterday when I went grocery shopping I got more fruits and veggies.  I am still going to kickboxing twice a week and I still really like it.  But I've been so tired and not much energy.  In a week the kids go back to school and I'm hoping to start training during the day and get over this hump.  I have been stuck at a weight loss of 20 pounds.  By this point I should have lost much more but I have horrible will power and keep giving in to my cravings.  I have however successfully stayed off of coffee and am still drinking tea.  I accidentally had a sip of iced coffee because Dunkin Donuts gave me an iced coffee instead of iced tea.  It was so disgusting I had to spit it out.

This summer has been an OOLA summer.  I've been doing things and making things happen to live my best life.  One of my dreams was to own my own kayak.  That dream came true for my birthday, we have two.  Because you can't go kayaking alone.  Another dream was to go away with my husband Ken, and we did.  Even though it was just for one night it was wonderful.  We stayed in Speculator and took the kayaks with us.  We kayaked on the Kunjamuk Creek.  It was so peaceful.  Just us, the water, the mountains and the ducks.

I have also gotten away from doing my index cards for the week and I need start doing them again as the kids return to school.  I need to stay on top of my goals.  I am ready to get back on top of them.  No dream is too small.  As the Oola Guys say, "Dream Big and Drink Tea."
 #oolalife #liveoola

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I won't give up, I won't give in

I won't give up, I won't give in, even though I'm really struggling these last 2 weeks with my Oola life journey.  I have been very tired and not eating as good as I was.  I was doing so good and hit 20lbs. In the last 2 weeks I gained 6lbs back.  I'm so disappointed in myself.  I need a boost.  So starting Tuesday after the holiday weekend I am going to do the Lean and Burn program with Oola Teas, .  I have been on this journey for 104 days.  I haven't gone back to coffee although I have been craving it all week.  I want to cave in but I haven't.  Looking for suggestions on motivation.

Monday, April 30, 2018

A true Hero

Last night I had the opportunity to go see a movie with my daughter called, "The Heart of Nuba."  It is an AMAZING story of a small town boy who grows up to be a HERO.  Dr. Tom Catena grew up in my hometown of Amsterdam, NY.  He is the only doctor at the Mother of Mercy Hospital in Gidel in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.  He has been the practicing medicine there since 2008.  He did not set out on this path, but changed direction after graduating from Brown University. After he graduated with a bachelors in engineering, he realized his true calling was to study medicine.  In order to afford medical school he joined the Navy.  He attributes his perseverance to his football background and to his Catholic upbringing.  His faith lead him to give up all of his worldly possessions to serve others unconditionally.  He lives in a small hut.  His father said, "he has nothing and yet he has everything."  In a place that is religiously diverse they are amazingly united in they determination to survive the war.  Dr. Tom says that, "every life holds the promise of hope," and believes in the power of human touch.  Every life matters and everyone has a purpose in life and Dr. Tom has found his.  You can find out much more at the website 

I will leave you with this beautiful song and music video for the movie, "Bloom."
"Life holds a promise.  Love sets it free.  Hope grows when we are blooming where we're meant to be."

Monday, April 9, 2018

Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs of dieting.  Yuck I really don't like that "D" word, dieting.  I am not on a diet.  I have made a lifestyle change and I really do like it.  As they say it looks easier than it is.  It's hard to change your lifestyle, but I know it will be so worth it.  I can't believe I have been doing this for 60 days.  I have lost 15 lbs.  But the last 3-4 lbs keep going on again and off again.  So after a week of being on the run with the family every day I am getting back on track this week.  I have a goal to get more off before my physical next week.  I'm not going to let these ups and downs of dieting bring me down.