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To be a fearless teenager, is so different than being a 40 something parent.  I believe that I have been teaching my kids and giving them the roots to grow and the wings to fly some day.  I remember being afraid of the unknown and yet being fearless at the same time at their ages.  Teenage years and early adulthood are such a confusing time.  You hope that things will get better as you grow.  When are things going to get easier?  Being a parent sure isn't easy.  When they are a toddler you are worried about the things they put in their mouths, about falling and getting hurt.  Then they go to school and you worry about them having friends and feeling included, falling down and getting hurt.  Middle School and High school, you go back to worrying what they put in their mouths, about falling in love and having their hearts broken, getting good grades, driving, and applying to college.  Now they are trying to figure out the path they want to take, college or not, where, how will we pay

Pallet Christmas Tree

I finally did it.  I've had a pallet in my garage to make trees out of for over a year.  They finally got done and they look great.  Since my dad retired I asked him to help me with the project.  I looked up different ways to do it on  pinterest  and watched some  youtube  videos .  We were so successful the first day that I needed to find another pallet so I could do 2 more for the front yard.  We actually got 3 trees out of the first pallet, 2 large trees and 1 small tree.  We found a short piece of 2x4 in the garage and used that to attach the scraps to and made the small tree.  With the second pallet we only made 2 trees as I didn't have an 2x4 to make another small one.  But I did save the scraps in order to do it at another time. Supplies need: Old folding table or workbench to work on Good electric saw with new blade (cutting thru this wood dulls the blade) extension cord tape measure painters tape drill with drill bit and screw driver bit wood screws or decking

30 days of Gratitude 2017 Last 2 days

I will always be thankful for so many people and things in my life. Here are my last 2 days of Gratitude for Nov 2017. Day 29 I am thankful for I am thankful for the Christmas Spirit filling my house. Day 30 I am thankful for modern technology. Even though it frustrates me sometimes. This month of gratitude has really made me stop and think and live in the now.  I will continue to be thankful for all of the blessings in my life.

30 days of Gratitude 2017 week 4

Thanksgiving is fast upon us, only 2 days away.  But I will do this for the whole 30 days of November. Day 22 Thankful for time catching up with a good friend. Day 23 Thankful for family and food prepared by my mom.  Thankful to wake up to the sun shining and looking forward to spending time with family today with love and laughter. Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean I'm done being thankful.  I'm going to finish off the month. Day 24 Thankful for not feeling the need to go shopping on Black Friday. Day 25 Thankful for a relaxed morning having breakfast with Ken and the kids sleeping in. Day 26 Thankful for comforting smells that fill the house during the holiday season and for old family recipes. Day 27 Thankful for not feeling the need to get pulled into Cyber Monday sales. Day 28 Thankful for homemade bread.

30 days of Gratitude 2017 week 3

Day 15 Thankful for my parents.  Thankful for the gifts they have given me that are measurable and immeasurable.  Thankful for their love, support and the security and comfort of knowing they are only a few houses away. Day 16 Thankful for adventures in life that make life an adventure. Day 17 Thankful for my health and the health of my family.  Something we all take for granted. Thankful for people in the medical profession. Day 18 Thankful for Music. Day 19 Thankful for my husband and kids that can take care of the house, do laundry and cook when I'm not feeling well. Day 20 Thankful for a friend that shares the load.  It's so nice to not have to do the morning drop off this year. Day 21 Thankful for hope.  Hope that everything lasts only for a season and change will come to those who wait.

7 Days of Black and white photos of your life

The latest Facebook craze, 7 Days of Black and white photos of your life.  No humans.  No explanations. Nominate someone new everyday.  This was as much fun doing as it was to see everyone else's photos.  Sometimes the photos did make you wonder...

Disappointment, Setback, Comeback and Change

Early this week my son said, "I know you are disappointed in me. I'm the disappointment child." I told him then that it was not true.  I said no, "I'm the disappointment child. I believe that you can do great things." Disappointed, I'm NOT disappointed in you.  I'm disappointed in the choices that we ALL continue to make.  It's like we're stuck in the same day, the same week, the same month and the same year.  And we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from them and never making REAL change.  Why is it that some people have motivation, discipline and drive and can succeed at whatever they try? Why is it that some people continue to fail while others succeed?  I really wish I new the answer.  How do we get out of the rut we are stuck in?  What are we afraid of?  I wrote before about how when we were younger we were ready for adventures and we tried new things.  We picked up and moved where there were better oppo

30 days of Gratitude 2017 week 2

Day 9 T hankful for heat, comfy sweaters, scarves and jackets on cold days to keep us warm. Day 10 Thankful for a morning that we can sleep in and catch up on a little sleep. Day 11 Thankful for our Veterans, for all they have done to defend our great country.  Thankful for our freedom.  God Bless America. Day 12 Thankful for Sunday mornings and my church family. Day 13 Thankful for my children, even on days when they don't get along, there are more days that they do.  I love seeing when they help each other, laugh and hear them singing from the other room. Day 14 Thankful for magical moments discovering and learning with my girls and Girl Scouts.  I learn new things right along with them. 

30 days of Gratitude 2017 week 1

On the first day of November I started posting on my Facebook page something that I'm thankful for every day.  I have noticed that some of my friends are also starting to do it.  I didn't make it a challenge and tag my friends in it, I just did it my self. I love that some of my friends have started and I especially love that gratitude can be contagious.  Here are Days 1-8, I will add the rest weekly. Day 1 I'm thankful for my life. Day 2 I'm thankful for my faith. Day 3 I'm thankful for my family. Day 4 I'm thankful for my friends. Day 5 I'm thankful that I said yes to being a Girl Scout Leader 10 years ago and for the friendships and opportunities my girls and I have had because of Girl Scouts. Day 6 Thankful for creativity. Day 7 Thankful for the opportunity to vote. Day 8 thankful for the roof over my head and the walls that keep my family warm and safe in all kinds of weather.

Back by Popular Demand

It seems that my old post from 7 years ago is my #1 post, Thankful for a camping weekend with Emily.   Back then I didn't attach directions to it as the DIY thing wasn't as popular as it is now.  Thanks to easypreschoolblogspot  for sharing my link on her blog. So it's back by popular demand and I'm making a new post of it on my new blog oneleadersguidetoscoutingblogspot .  The new post has the supply list and directions to make the Corn Cob Bottle Lantern Craft.   You can also check out my board on Pinterest One Leaders Guide to Scouting . Have fun making it then sit back and enjoy the simple beauty of it.

Poetry I wrote in College

When I went to Cazenovia College I took a poetry class and entered these poems in the college creative magazine, Images in 1990.  I found my copy of it the recently.  The words I wrote ring true for college students still, 27 years later.  I was my son's age now when I wrote these poems, so long ago, I hope he hears them.  The hurry and the noise of the students in the quad, Sometimes makes me feel very odd. Wondering if it's only me? Feeling so lonely and so free. Away from the parents and the rules, Alone, in a strange place, nothing to hold you down. All you have left of your past life, is memories. Most of the friends are gone. Now, who do you talk to when you feel all along? Find a friend, we all feel the same. It's college and it's your future. It's no longer a game. ~Laura Leah Luffman What makes me feel the way I do? I want to feel happy, but instead, I feel blue. Friendships come and friendships go, But why do they have to hurt so?


For some people change is exciting for others it can cause anxiety.  Some people try very hard to avoid change. Most of us can't avoid change.  Children are always changing and growing, every day.  As parents, that's what we want them to do, as difficult as it may be.  They aren't little forever, the minutes turn into hours, the hours turn into days, the days turn into months, and the months turn into years.  As hard as you may want to try there is no way to slow it down. One day you are bringing home your baby from the hospital, before you know it you are bringing them to their first day of school, and then almost in an instant, they are off to college. That's why I have always kept this saying in my mind. Cleaning and scrubbing Can wait till tomorrow... For babies grow up We've learned to our sorrow... So quiet down cobwebs... Dust go to sleep... I'm rocking my baby And babies don't keep!! --by Unknown Author Lately, there have bee

My House

Home is where the heart is. A house is just a house until you fill it with love and then it becomes a home.  My house is a home.   My house is the home that Arne built,  my Grandpa Arne Louison, in 1938.  It's the house that Arne and Margaret filled with children, 5 boys and 1 girl (my mom).   He built it with love for his wife and growing family with blood and sweat.  He dug a hole and built it from the ground up.  My house is a Sears and Robuck Kit house , ordered from a catalog and then picked up at the train station.   The paint colors have changed over the years but the structure is still the same, it is strong because of the foundation he dug nearly 80 years ago.   "By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches."  Proverbs 24:3-4 My Grandpa died in 1975 when I was just 4 years old.  But I have so many wonderful memories of him.  My Granny lived at home until 2003

Should Girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts?

Should Girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts? This week the Boy Scouts of America announced that they are opening up membership to girls.  This announcement has caused much controversy between Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America.  Instead of being proactive many are reactive to this announcement.  There are so many opinions on this and people are writing about it and reporting on it.  After reading and listening to a lot of the reports on this I'm still very torn.  I know that Boy Scouts of America did not go into this lightly.  Watch this video of the Chief Scout Executive at a National Council Town Hall Meeting . They have done a lot of research on this, and I hear what they are saying, I still believe that they did this wrong. Top 6 Things you need to know about girls joining Boy Scouts.   This has been a heated conversation in my house and in my circles of friends and family.  I have a son and 2 daughters, all of them are in Scouts.  My son is an Eagle Scout an

Keep Moving On

We need to stop dwelling on the past. We must move on.  You will never move forward if you keep looking in the past, you must focus on whats in ahead of you.  We've all made mistakes in the past in one way or another. In order for changes to happen, we need to move on.  Don't get stuck in the mud staring at your mistakes day after day.  Address the problem, set a goal and move on.  Set a date to check on your progress.  You shouldn't weigh yourself every day.  Everyone fluctuates daily.  You will only see the benefits of your actions after you have been doing your action steps for at least 3 months.  The Oola Guru talked about this in his Money Monday talk for finance but you can use that for any part of your life.

Reality and a 80's Musical Flashback

Why is it so hard to face reality ?  I mean I know what's real and what's not, but sometimes all of the chaos of life makes you lose your sense of reality.  You keep telling yourself that everything is ok and you start to believe it yourself.  When the fact of the matter is that you aren't ok.  Things aren't going the way you imagined they would be at your age.  Is this what they call a midlife crisis ?  I think by definition I might be having a midlife crisis, I have a strong desire for change in my life. I just don't know how to do it.  Like I know but I can't seem to make the changes necessary for big change to happen.  And so I keep searching for an answer.  I feel a song coming on, "Here I Go Again," by Whitesnake.   I'm not going to stop believing that change is possible and it happens one step at a time.  "Don't Stop Believing," by Journey

Time For a Make Over

It's time for a make over.  I've been feeling like I need to do something different with my hair, but the truth is I just go back and forth between two hair styles.  Now I'm thinking of giving my blog a make over too.  My husband has never liked the background I chose for my blog.  He has always said it was too busy.  I wonder if people think that when they look at it?  I wonder what people think when they look at me?  In my eyes the first thing people probably is fat.  Before they even talk to me, that's what I think they see.  Then it's probably my boobs and then my hair.  I wonder if people see my background before my content, like I think they see my fat before they see me.   My red hair has always been my identity.  But one day last year when I was subbing I told a girl that my hair used to be the same color as hers, she said that my hair wasn't red.  My red has dulled looks more brown and I have lots of grey now.  The part of me that used to shine, is fadi


Recently I made the decision along with the help of my husband to stop working.  For the first time in a long time I am keeping up with the laundry and doing the breakfast dishes before lunch.  But for some reason the thought of me staying home is hard for people to comprehend.  Why do people feel the need to validate  the choices I make?  I don't need their validation.  I am perfectly capable of making my own life choices. A good friend reminded me the other day that, there comes a time when you need to take care of yourself.  Well my time is now.  And that's what I'm doing.  I'm taking care of me.  Not having laundry pilled up and dirty dishes in the sink all the time is much less stressful, and that's just a small thing.  Having time to think, reflect and write, that's a little bigger thing.  Feeling like I'm NOT running in circles and out of control, that's HUGE!  Sleeping better is another HUGE thing! I've always said that we lived in a simp

Things I Say

Everyone has there own things that they always say, here are some of the things I say... "I love you. Have a good day, get all your work done. Listen and do it the first time. Follow the golden rule in actions and in words. Do your best." I would say that every day when I brought my children to elementary school, then I would kiss them and send them on their way.  The best thing about that is when we were in a hurry and running late my youngest would remind me to say it.  So I knew she had listened for all those years.  It's hard to believe I'm not saying it any more, they aren't little.  This is the time in 15 years that I'm not bringing anyone to school.   "Doubt means Don't." If you are in a situation that you don't think is good don't be there.  If you think it's not a good idea then it probably isn't.   "Wallet, badge, keys, phone.   Drive careful,   have a good day, I   love you, bye."  Ever

"I am supposed to be here. So are you."

I was scrolling through Facebook when I happened upon the Wheler Conference 2017 live feed from Cazenovia College , Dr. Greene was speaking and I thought, "I remember him, let's see what he's talking about."  He was starting to introduce Jennifer Hartwell, M.Ed.  I am so glad that I stopped to listen. Her story resonated with me, it was similar to my story of acceptance to Cazenovia College.  A perfect song to listen to while you read this is, Madisa "Overcomer." I was too have felt many times that I am not supposed to be where ever I am at that time because I was being judged on my aptitude.  I was one of those students who struggled thru high school. I was always just an average student, but my grades in my art classes brought up my GPA.  I remember my uncle saying to me, "don't be surprised if you don't get accepted to college."  Well luckily I didn't let that stop me from applying to Cazenovia College.  I was accepted to Cazenovi

21 years

I have been married to an amazing man for 21 years.  Some days that is really hard to believe.  Is it really possible that we are old enough to be married for that long?  The answer is in the pictures.  Look at those 2 kids!  So excited for what was about to happen.  Ready for adventure.  Now look at the 2 grey haired adults.  The people with 3 children, a house and 3 cars.  Life has really been an adventure for the past 21 years.  We've had joy, and pain, laughter and rain.  And thru it all we have each other and our faith.  Faith, Hope and Love are the keys to our marriage.  So many times you people will ask what't the secret of your happy marriage?  How did you get so lucky to find each other?  Luck had nothing to do with it, it was fate.  It was our destiny.  It was our faith.  God had a plan for us and it was to be together.   I met Ken when I was 5 and he was 6.  I don't remember the exact meeting I just remember our families always being friends.  Our mother


About 15 years ago I moved back home to Amsterdam, NY.  People say you can't go home again but I disagree with that.  You can go home.  When my husband and I got married we lived in his childhood home for the first year.  Then an opportunity came for him to take a job in Rhode Island.  We jumped at the opportunity, thinking of the adventure and creating a new life.  Thinking "the grass was greener on the other side."  About a year and a half later we had our first child.  Having a child made me miss my parents and family.  I didn't want our son to only have weekend grandparents.  I wanted him to know them like I knew mine.  Well soon my husband had another job opportunity to move us to Massachusetts.  Another chance for a new adventure, we were young so we jumped at the chance.  Soon we had another child and were starting to out grow our 2 bedroom apartment.  We started looking for a house to buy, but always compared the neighborhoods to the one we both grew up in bac

Keep the Faith and keep moving on.

In today's crazy world you really have to have faith.  Faith in God to watch over you, guide you and protect you. Like my dad always said to me growing up, "Let go and Let God."  He also said, "Do your best and let God do the rest."  In order to be able to do both of those things you have to believe and have FAITH.  Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.  Yesterday at church Pastor reminded us in his sermon that faith sees the invisible and believes the impossible.  With all of the tragic events caused by weather and by humans in the news these days we really truly need to have faith that with God we will make it through the hard times.  I was taught that instead of seeing impossible, think I'm Possible.  Hebrews 11:1-3 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  This is what the ancients were commended for.  By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what i

A Rainbow

The beauty and wonder of a rainbow. A rainbow is a beautiful expression of God's love for us. Genesis 9:12-13 And God said, "This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations:I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth."

What are you going to do now?

Lately the question everyone is asking me is, "What are you going to do now?" My answer continues to be, "I'm going to take care of me."  How I envision taking care of me isn't exactly the way it's going. That vision is so much easier said than done.  But I have been doing little things every day, like my silly shower workout and my stability ball exercises.  The weather is so crazy for September it's just too hot to go for a walk. Truthfully though to answer the question.  I am doing the things that I didn't have time to do during the day when I was subbing.  I am washing breakfast dishes before lunch. I am doing laundry before it piles up. I am doing the checkbook and paying bills.  I am staying home most of the day and not feeling like I need to go some place.  I am writing.  I am playing piano.  And do you know what...I am loving it.  I am so much more less stressed.

The roles we play

What are your roles in life? Are some more important than others?  How do your roles define who you are?  My roles in order of how they happened are daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother.  For me the order they go in are wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.  But I have many roles that define me.  I am a child of God, a niece, an aunt, Eagle Scout Mom, Girl Scout leader, neighbor, American citizen and host mother.  I used to also be a den leader, substitute teacher,  PTA board president, vice president and secretary over the years.  When my husband and my sister threw me a surprise 40th birthday party a few years ago, my sister made me this collage.  She made me feel very valued for of the roles that define me.   My blog profile I define myself as "Happy to BE an artsy wife and mother, sister, daughter and friend."  I think that by giving up subbing and PTA I have become happier.  I am really enjoying my time at home, not running around trying to make everyone else hap

Time To Push the Reset Button Again

Time To Push the Reset Button Again I was doing so good and then I had to prepare for the Girl Scout Trip to Beach Jam at Morey's Piers and I got sucked in to other things and away from my daily day 1 habits I was trying to do.  So today I'm starting over again, I'm pushing the reset button. I have to be honest, for the last 2 weeks, the week leading up and the week after the trip, I was off.  I actually didn't get too off in my eating but I did stop my little exercise routine.  As silly as my little routine is I noticed a difference this past week so I'm starting over today.  Ever since sleeping on the ground my body has been aching.  My husband says I need to stretch.  I tried and it was very PAINFUL.  So this morning I tried a heating pad and it seems to have loosened up my pain hopefully enough to now do the stretches and my silly exercises. I listened to my motivational song just now and it made me think of this picture that I took a few years ago while c

One Leaders Guide to Scouting

For years my husband had been telling me I should find a way to share what I do as a Girl Scout Leader.  In 2017 I started another blog called "One Leaders Guide to Scouting," today I am transfering it over to my artsyBE blog and will be labeled "Scouting."  I will continue sharing my scouting experiences and ideas, Girl Scout, Cub Scout and Boy Scout.  As a parent of both girls and boys and being involved in both organizations I felt that I couldn't just say Girl Scout even though my days in Boy Scouts have ended since my son is an Eagle Scout now.  I am always drawing on my knowledge and experiences from Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts when I am doing things for Girl Scouts.  I believe that's how it should be.  Robert Baden-Powell and Juliette Gordon Low were friends and shared ideas, that's how Girl Scouts was started here in the United States.  I hope that people will find my other blog useful.

My children, my world, watching them grow

My children, my world, watching them grow and then someday watching them walk away. I have always lived by two sayings as a mother... The 1st is: Give your children roots and wings.  Roots to grow from and wings to fly. & the 2nd is: Cleaning and scrubbing Can wait till tomorrow... For babies grow up We've learned to our sorrow... So quiet down cobwebs... Dust go to sleep... I'm rocking my baby And babies don't keep!! --by Unknown Author I was given this saying framed when I had my first child. I have treasured it.  Even though the frame broke I put it on my bulletin board and it has moved with me 3 times.   My children are growing up. Sometimes it doesn't seem possible. How can I have an almost 19 year old son, an almost 16 year old daughter and a almost 12 year old daughter.  My babies aren't babies anymore. We can only hope that we are giving them all that they need to succeed in today's world.  When I say tha

Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride

Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.  Take chances and try new things.  This past weekend I did just that.  I took my daughters and other girls from their Girl Scout Troop to Beach Jam at Morey's Piers for the first time.  I have to say it I was nervous the week coming up to the trip.  Morey's Piers is in Wildwood, NJ a 6 hour drive from here.  We slept on the beach in tents. Which is fine as I am a camper, but I took a lot less than usual as I knew we would have far to carry our supplies.  Normally I sleep on an air mattress when I camp but this time I used a bed roll or camp pad.  UGH - needless to say I didn't sleep well.  This body of mine is not made for sleeping on the ground.  I can get past the sleeping arrangements as it was only for 2 nights, I went there for my girls, not for me.  Nothing makes me happier than when my girls are happy. I will admit there were moments of unhappiness on the trip.  Everyone was sore and tired.  And I will speak only for myself sa