Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful for a camping weekend with Emily

This past weekend I went to Camp Wood Haven Girl Scout Camp with the Brownies and my Emily.  We had a great time.  The theme of our weekend was Thanksgiving.  So we did Thanksgiving crafts and made a Thanksgiving feast with help from the girls.  We made corn cob lanterns, by recycling and re-using water bottles and Gatorade bottles along with tissue paper. 
The weekend was packed full of activities for the girls including 2 science try-it's.  Another parent planned out all of the science experiments, they were great.  The girls also went on a short hike, but I couldn't go because of my injured foot.  So I drove down and met them at the end.  While I waiting for them to return I walked around a small area and got some great shots.  I had just as much fun editing them as I did taking them. 

When we returned to the cabin we finished preparing dinner and set the table with white table clothes and lined the center of the tables with the corn lanterns that the girls made.  Now, I know that the moms were saying "what kind of crazy junk project are you doing with our daughters now?"  But when we turned off the lights and it was unbelievable how beautiful those recycled battery operated lanterns looked. 
What a beautiful site, even with all the miss matched mess kits.  I'm so glad I found the craft idea in my Family Fun Magazine. 

Before we ate our dinner we all went around saying what we were thankful for.  I said, "I'm thankful for this weekend with Emily all to myself.  I'm also thankful for my other 2 children.  But these short camping trips are wonderful moments alone with Emily, they are so special."

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  1. Can you provide instructions on how to make the corn craft?