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50 year Reboot

 I'm 50!  I started this blog the year leading up to my 40th birthday.  I started it as motivation for me.  Eleven years ago I was feeling lost.  I was lost in my childrens lives, but exactly where I wanted to be.  That might not make sense to you but it's exactly how I felt.  During the past 11 years I have found myself and lost myself a few more times.  Now I just turned 50 and I'm waking myself back up and giving artsyBE a reboot.  I'm doing and BEcoming the me I used to BE, I'm supposed to BE and I want to BE.  As we all know the world as we knew it was lost for 18 month with the Covid pandemic.  The year 2020 was hard for everyone, but before the world around me shut down my family suffered a tragic loss.  In January 2020, my niece Abbey Mae Luffman died suddenly due to a short battle with ITP , she was only 16 years old.  Abbey was a smart, witty, smiley, athletic, beautiful girl, full of life.  When Abbey got her drivers license she chose to be an organ donor