Thursday, October 14, 2021

What is ArtsyBE?

 "I want to be artsy like you," ~Beth 9/8/10

artsyBE defined

artsy- enthusiastic about, making a strong, affected, or pretentious display of being artistic

or interested in the arts

be- to exist, occur; take place, to have identity with: to constitute the same idea or object as,

to take place, to come or go

ArtsyBE is the act of doing something and being artsy.  ArtsyBE is a state of mind, body & soul.  Being artsy is findng that place, that thing that frees you and gives you peace.  ArtsyBE gives you a peace that you enjoy separate from the everyday life.   

When you live an ArtsyBE life you are living your best life.

ArstsyBE-say what you want to BE and BE who you want to BE.

Start by making your BE List.  A BE List is like a bucket list because that's what people know, but it's different because it's about BE-ing not just DO-ing.  

What kind of person do you want to BE?

What are the steps, the parts of that one thing that will make you BEcome that way?

What do you want to do, to occur in your life while you are living?

Your BE List is about BEing your best person while you are living not focusing on what you want to do before you die.  

BE honest and ever changing, BE flexible. When you find something you love share your passion with others.

Artsy BE

artsy BE 

BE grateful

BE thankful

BE strong

BE kind

BE real


be YOU be TRUE

BE fearless

Let it BE

Queen BEE

BE calm

BE happy

BE the change

BE inspired 

BE artsy