Monday, August 22, 2011

Updating my BE List

Re-evaluating & Updating my BE List

BE Healthy
-Eat Right
BE Crafty
BE Organized
BE Happy
-Laugh out Loud
BE Creative
-Take Pictures
BE Patient
BE Fun
BE Strong
-Mind, Body & Soul
BE Grateful
BE Giving
-Donate Hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths
-Donate Blood to American Red Cross
Be a Good Friend, Be Friendly

Work in Progress..............

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time to start a new...

Think of Birthday's as a fresh start,
Don't wait until the New Year to make changes. 
Birthday's & Anniversary's are a great time to start a new.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Today is my 15th Wedding Anniversary.  Yet another measure of time.  It seems like just yesterday and yet it seems like forever all the same time.  I couldn't imagine sharing my life with anyone else.  We fit together perfectly, like a puzzle.  He compliments my flaws and I his.  He is my best friend, my love.  We depend on each other the way you're supposed to. 
Things might not always be peaches and cream, but we work through them.  As they say, "what does not kill us makes us stronger," or like Ken says "it builds character." 
Ken supports my dreams and wishes and when ever possible he makes them come true.  Like artsyBE, he helped me start this blog.  He encourages me to find ways to express my creativity.  He understands me when I take "crazy photos" and knows that I see something special in those "crazy photos." 

"Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' in to the future."

and as that time slips away I want to go with Ken, into the future, always and forever.


This journey called artysyBE is not over, even though my year is up.  There is still too much to BE done.


Time to Disconnect

Time to Disconnect by Laura L Brittain

Time to BE disconnected from reality
Time to Enjoy Family
Time to Listen to the waves crashing
Time to Jump in the Lake
Time to go Fishing

Time to Play with cousins
Time for a game or 2 of Rummy
Time for Taking Photographs
Time to Stay up Late
Time for Smores

Time to Sit and Stare at the campfire and the moon

Time to Relax

Time to BE

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, it's my birthday, the "BIG 40."  The actual day a lot less exciting than my surprise party last weekend.  This morning is actually like other Saturday mornings.  I read the paper and watched the Today Show while having my coffee in my favorite coffee cup and had a yummy breakfast made by Ken.  Then off on a mad rush to BJ's, home to pack and off for a relaxing weekend, disconnected at Indian Lake in the Adirondack's.  Today my son Alex gave me a heart shaped rock which he found on Scout Island.  I love it!  I know how much he loves me when he thinks of me when we're apart.  I love you.


Thinking a lot about Time~ I know that time moves along at the same pace everyday-but why then do some days seem to go by so fast and others go by so slow?

noun, adj, verb
1.The system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future.
4. A limited period or interval, as between tow successive events.
37. against time, in an effort to finish within a limited period (this is always me)
38. ahead of time, before the time due (this is rarely me)
40. at the same time (this is always me, doing multiple things at the same time)

common sayings with "time"
against time, ahead of time, all in good time, all the time (my kids always say that, "I have to do that all the time.), at one time, at the same time ,at times, beat time, before one's time, for the time being, from time to time, have no time for (I typically feel this way.) in good time, in no time, in one's own time, in time, keep time, make time (I think we all wish we could make more time.  But what we really need to do is MAKE TIME for OURSELVES.), in the nick of time, pass the time, time and again, time of one's life

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Frog in a Mayonnaise Jar

Today Amy went to her friend Grace's birthday party.  When I picked her up she tells me she has a frog.  I said, "really?  Can I see it?"  She proceeds to hand me a zip-lock bag with a tiny frog in it and some grass.  "Can I keep it Momma?" How could I say no to a frog in a zip-lock bag...

When we got home we had to make this frog a proper habitat.  The best we could do was a mayonnaise jar.  Who would have known this would keep a 5 year old busy for hours, just staring at the little frog, now named Hopper.
Of course Hopper was hungry, or so she thought.  We caught a fly for him and put it in the jar, Amy watched him for at least 2 hours, waiting for him to eat the fly.  Amy fell asleep waiting.
Frog vs. Fly

Amy loves her new frog Hopper.

Froggy kisses.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend

The count down is on, 6 days until my 40th birthday.  I'm laying awake thinking of how to put into words how I am feeling.  So many thoughts running through my head.  Wondering how this year went by SO FAST.  I set out on this journey to make a change in ME, to become the ME I always wanted to BE.  I have discovered what I always knew that I will always BE a work in progress.   There are things I want to change and I'm sure there will always be.  But I can say that I have been able to check some things off of my BE List.  It's time to look back into the pages of by artsyBE journal and re-evaluate.
Last night was unbelievable!  My wonderful husband and my sister gave me an amazing SURPRISE 40th Birthday Party.  They really got me, both in surprising me and understanding me.  My sister made a collage with pictures of me and with the words, "daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend," and had everyone sign it.  She gave me a toast to which she spoke of the many roles I play (many times feeling unappreciated and taken for granted).  Last night I felt loved and appreciated by all of my family and friends.  They all wrote such kind words on the collage.  My sister also gave me a necklace made by Lisa Leonard, (a creative jewelry artist that I follow online).  It was hand stamped with the words, "daughter, sister, wife, mother."  I love it and will cherish it forever!  I now know how well my friends know me, they made all of my favorite foods and they gave me gifts that are so me.  My friend Marybeth made me a hand stamped bracelet with the names of my 3 treasures on it, it's beautiful and so creative.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

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