Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Finally my turn

It's finally my turn, let the boot camp begin! 
Day 1 at Fit "1" Boot camp.  It feels good to put ME back on my to do list.

I had coffee & Kashi Go-lean Crunch with milk for breakfast.
Delicious super food smoothie after working out.   Turkey on wheat with tomato and cheese, water and my apple a day.
Honey wheat pretzels with tea for a snack.  I used my tea pot and tea cozy to keep it warm.  It reminded me of my dear friend Linda from Massachusetts who gave it to me. 

I love my artsyBE blog and want to tell the world about it but I also still want my identity to remain anonymous.  I want people to find me accidentally and share me with their friends and most importantly follow me be cause they like the content of my blog, not because they know me.  My husband says to say, "I have a blog but it's in the stealth mode.  If I'm discovered it's OK but I'm not publicizing it yet."

Chinese taco's for dinner, that's what the kids call them.  They are so goo.  It's Chinese seasoned chicken, with rice and carrots in a lettuce leaf.  YUMMY! 

First Brownies meeting tonight.  Emily's principal was the guest at our meeting.  She showed the girls her old handbook, pins and a certificate from camp.

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