Friday, December 8, 2017

Pallet Christmas Tree

I finally did it.  I've had a pallet in my garage to make trees out of for over a year.  They finally got done and they look great.  Since my dad retired I asked him to help me with the project.  I looked up different ways to do it on pinterest and watched some youtube videos.  We were so successful the first day that I needed to find another pallet so I could do 2 more for the front yard.  We actually got 3 trees out of the first pallet, 2 large trees and 1 small tree.  We found a short piece of 2x4 in the garage and used that to attach the scraps to and made the small tree.  With the second pallet we only made 2 trees as I didn't have an 2x4 to make another small one.  But I did save the scraps in order to do it at another time.

Supplies need:
Old folding table or workbench to work on
Good electric saw with new blade (cutting thru this wood dulls the blade)
extension cord
tape measure
painters tape
drill with drill bit and screw driver bit
wood screws or decking screws
green spray paint
outdoor lights
staple gun & staples

Mark where you want to cut with painters tape.  Make sure you keep in on the inside of the 2x4 behind it on both ends
After the front side is cut flip it over and cut along the center 2x4  the scrap will fall off 
Tree #1

pallet #1, 3 trees

Project Pallet Trees Selfie with Dad

Tree made out of the 2 side that fall off when you cut along the 2x4 back brace.
You just need to screw the 2 sides together using wood screws or decking screws.

Pallet #2, 2 Trees

I then had my daughters help with the project and then spray painted the trees green.We then stapled outdoor lights to the trees.

This is the small tree made from the scraps.  My dad added a star to the top and white lights.  

Finished Trees on the front porch

Finished Trees at the back door

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