Monday, January 3, 2022

Cadette PSA Videos



As a troop throughout the year my Cadettes worked on the MEdia Journey and the new Outdoor Journey.  So when we were camping in April the girls shot their videos and took pictures for the final take action project I gave them the choice of making a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for either journey.  Two of them chose to do MEdia and two of them chose Outdoor.  My co-leader and I gave them all both journey's because they worked on both.  They earned all of the badges for for the Outdoor Journey this year, Night Owl, Primitive Camper, Trailblazer and their take action was creating the PSA, educating others.   All of them also earned the steps for the MEdia Journey Monitor, Influence and Cultivate.  For Cultivate, which is the Take Action Project they created the PSA's.  Each girl had to come up with a message and create a storyboard before they made their video.  They each had to lead the others to help them with their individual videos.  I hope you like their final projects.

Abby's PSA "Don't Trash My Camp"

Regan's PSA "We Are More Than One Stereotype, We Are Unique"

Briana's PSA for Outdoor Cadette Journey

Amy's PSA "Smile You Look Good Like That"

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