Saturday, February 19, 2022

Hike Willie Marsh 2/52


Hike 2/52

Week two in 2022 and we are back to Willie Marsh doing hike 2/52, so far so good.  This time the girls had Yaktrax on while Ken and I had boots on.  The girls definately had the advantage with the yaktrax as there were some slippery spots, but Ken and I did have out hiking poles so that helped.   There was more snow this week and we decided to tak the other trail, however when we got to the bridge we split up 2 and 2.  Amy brought along 35mm camera to photograph the bridges so Ken and Emily went the other loop and meet us at the other bridge so we weren't rushed.  The lighting was beautiful on the fresh snow.  Another hike filling our lungs with fresh crisp air.  Can't wait to see where the trails take me this year.

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