Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 18, 2010

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Enjoyed my daybreak coffee with a banana and a mini bagel with pb&j, while watching the Today Show.
Did the usual morning tasks laundry and beds. 
Eating Healthy!  Tuna on a small roll with grapes and almonds on the side and a glass of Ovalteen.  After lunch Ken and I talked about my BE List and he thinks it's a GREAT IDEA.  He said he would help me set up this blog.  I left the room and came back to find a Pandora bag on the bed.  Ken got me Pandora earrings with interchangeable danglers, pearls and peridot.  BEAUTIFUL!
We actually had an anniversary date at Russo's tonight.  Tried a Grape Cosmo, yum sort of.  It was like  grape koolaid with a kick. French Fries with Gravy for an appetizer and antipasto to share.  Ken ordered stuffed shells with meatballs and I had vodka penne with sausage.  Everything was delicious! 
Real comfort food in a great hometown restaurant. 

Then we had to go home and pick up the kids

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