Thursday, September 16, 2010

A colorful day of fruits and veggies

Amy came in to wake me up this morning.  She climbed right in and snuggled up with me.  I took it all in as I know this soon will be over, my baby's not a baby anymore.  A week from today she starts pre-k.

Breakfast with The Today Show, DVR'd of course.  I failed to mention that before, it's a great thing since I have been sleeping late all summer.  Egg sandwich again on an English muffin and coffee in my yellow mug.

Wednesday's are Ken's work from home day.  Today being the last Wednesday of summer vacation we took the kids out to lunch at Brownies.  Brownies is a back in the day hang-out in our town, know for their hot dogs and fries with gravy.  Good, fattening comfort food.

After lunch I brought Ken and the kids back home and went for a ride to Pine's Farm Stand (all by myself, it was great).  I was able to really enjoy all the colors and the beauty of the fruits and vegetables and take some pictures.

When I was checking out the guy working there said, "don't you want a picture of me?  I saw you taking pictures."  I told them how beautiful the fruits & veggies looked, so rich in color.  They taste as good as they look.  The tomato was so sweet.  The tangerines was so juicy and sweet, the best one I ever had.  When I got home I sliced up the cucumber I bought and made some SASSY water with a lemon and mint but minus the ginger root. 

While I was making it the girls discovered the fresh strawberries.  They loved them!  My mouth is watering just talking about it. 

Today was HOT, around 93.  So this afternoon to get cooled off we washed the car and went in the kids pool.  Sure it's not a BIG pool, but size doesn't matter when it's HOT, water is water.  Too hot to cook, ordered pizza for dinner and an antipasto.  Broccoli, artichokes and mushroom with ricotta cheese, so flavorful and delicious.

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