Friday, September 24, 2010

Labor Day

It's Labor Day--traditionally today is celebrated as the end of summer, a day of rest, parties and bar-b-q.  We spent the morning getting a few things done around the house and then picked up lunch at Subway and headed up north.  The kids wanted to bring daddy to the Copeland Covered Bridge and the waterfall.  They loved showing it to him and exploring a little more than before.  The highlight of the trip was finding a frog and trying to catch it.  Amy was the only one to actually touch it.  She squatted right down like the frog watching it intensely.  It was so cute.

The low point of the afternoon was 3 steps away from getting out of the creek, I twisted my ankle on an unstable rock.  Not only did I twist it to the left, but the rock next to the unstable one smashed the right side of my ankle.  I could hardly walk up to the car.  When we got home I couldn't even walk from the driveway to the house. The kids had to get an old pair of crutches for me.

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