Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Dirt Bomb Muffins are the BOMB!"

That's what my kids said this morning after I made them with my junior chef's help of course.   I'm so glad I finally asked my very good friend Beth's daughter for the recipe.  They have been making them for years and we always love them.  Well we made them this morning and they were the BOMB!  While Alex and I mad the muffins, Emily and Amy were busy making strawberry yogurt cups to balance off our guilty pleasure muffins.  They have enough butter in them for a week.  But Ohhhh--- were they worth it - AMAZING!!

Left-over pizza  & iced tea for lunch today.  It was VERY HOT so we went to Beth's for a quick swim, only for an hour.  I really enjoyed the sassy water and conversation while the kids swam.  The water was very pretty the way the sunlight reflected off it and of course very refreshing!!

Tonight, Ken and I took Alex and Emily along with members of Woestina Reformed Church to volunteer and serve a hot meal to people at the Schenectady City Mission.  Not knowing what to expect I was a little nervous, but very humbled.  It reinforced how thankful and grateful I am to have a loving supportive husband, who provides a roof over our heads and food on our table everyday.  Sure we don't have everything we want but we have everything we need, our health, family and LOVE - that's all we need.

I'm so glad we're not missing anymore.  I'm glad we found Woestina!

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