Monday, September 25, 2017

Time To Push the Reset Button Again

Time To Push the Reset Button Again

I was doing so good and then I had to prepare for the Girl Scout Trip to Beach Jam at Morey's Piers and I got sucked in to other things and away from my daily day 1 habits I was trying to do.  So today I'm starting over again, I'm pushing the reset button.

I have to be honest, for the last 2 weeks, the week leading up and the week after the trip, I was off.  I actually didn't get too off in my eating but I did stop my little exercise routine.  As silly as my little routine is I noticed a difference this past week so I'm starting over today.  Ever since sleeping on the ground my body has been aching.  My husband says I need to stretch.  I tried and it was very PAINFUL.  So this morning I tried a heating pad and it seems to have loosened up my pain hopefully enough to now do the stretches and my silly exercises.

I listened to my motivational song just now and it made me think of this picture that I took a few years ago while camping at Caroga Lake State Park.  The sun was coming up and peaking through the trees and the morning fog.  I call it "God's Eyelashes" because he's always looking down on us and the sun rays make me think of heaven.  This is one of my favorite photos.  If you haven't watched the music video for Mathew West, "Day One" here's the link.

Every morning
Every morning
Sun's coming up
The beginning has begun
It's day one of the rest of my life. 

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