Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride

Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.  Take chances and try new things.  This past weekend I did just that.  I took my daughters and other girls from their Girl Scout Troop to Beach Jam at Morey's Piers for the first time.  I have to say it I was nervous the week coming up to the trip.  Morey's Piers is in Wildwood, NJ a 6 hour drive from here.  We slept on the beach in tents. Which is fine as I am a camper, but I took a lot less than usual as I knew we would have far to carry our supplies.  Normally I sleep on an air mattress when I camp but this time I used a bed roll or camp pad.  UGH - needless to say I didn't sleep well.  This body of mine is not made for sleeping on the ground.  I can get past the sleeping arrangements as it was only for 2 nights, I went there for my girls, not for me.  Nothing makes me happier than when my girls are happy.

I will admit there were moments of unhappiness on the trip.  Everyone was sore and tired.  And I will speak only for myself saying that my anxiety goes on over load around amusement parks.  My younger daughter isn't afraid of anything and I am a worrier.  So at one point I went a little crazy in public and that is not me at all.  So even though it is my right to get mad I was embarrassed since it happened in public.  But all is good now.

So many great parts to the weekend.  My favorites are when I went shopping with my daughters and had lunch just the 3 of us.  When our troop won the Saturday Stake out Flag contest.  AWESOME!
When my older daughter searched for a sweatshirt she had seen and wanted that says, "My lifeguard walks on water. Matthew 14:22-32".  She is proud of her faith not afraid to show it.  That made me so proud.  My last favorite moment was when my youngest got her hermit crabs to bring home.  She had the biggest smile.  Which made all the soreness and tiredness worth it.

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