Friday, September 8, 2017

Motivation and Creating a new Routine

It's new motivation is that every day is "Day 1 of the rest of my life."  Everyday we have the opportunity to start over, BE better, DO better, BE more and DO more than the day before. Since my kids started back to school on Wednesday every day has been day 1.  Step by step I'm making changes and positive improvements to me.  Doing the daily things that need to be done plus some.  Today when I was washing dishes I think I had an ah-ha moment.  Kids always say, "why do I have to learn this...I"m never going to use it."  I've been subbing in elementary school for 10 years plus and have seen many different methods of teaching each one supposed to be better than the last.  What they all need to teach are reading, writing and arithmetic.  As I washed dishes, I was thinking about my last few days and the things I am doing to improve myself.  I have read, written and done math.  I also am going to P.E. & health, music, art and FACS (home ecconomics).  We need to feed our brain and our body.  For years I have been going through the motions and not even making the connection like I did today.  This may seem silly but now the next time one of my kids says "I'm never going to use this," I can prove them wrong.

  • Being a stay at home Mom is like being in a middle school FACS class everyday:cooking, cleaning, laundry, balancing the checkbook.
  • Reading: I have started to study the Bible on my own and reading a self-help book called "Oola, Find Balance in an Unbalanced World."
  • Writing is this, restarting my blog.
  • Math: balancing my checkbook and paying bills.
  • Music: playing piano everyday and enjoying listening to music for motivation and inspiration.
  • Art: being creative in some way every day, crocheting, painting, drawing or just coloring.
  • PE & health: moving more, drinking lots of water, eating healthier, learning and using essential oils.  Every morning in the shower I am stretching. I do toe touches and reach up to the sky, wall push ups and toe lifts, shoulder circles and waist twists 10 of each.  I have been diffusing tangerine essential oil, aromatherapy had many health benefits.

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