Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Raise Your Children

Post never posted #3...posted today Here's to parents who aren't inconvenienced by their children.  Who don't view it as being stuck at home with the baby, when they can't go out at night.  Parents who value time with their children, who don't pawn their kids off as often as they can with whoever will take them. Who accept responsibility and don't walk away from family. Here's to parents who enjoy being parents. 
Anyone who knows me, really knows me, knows that I live for my children. I didn't have them for someone else to raise and nurture. I love my kids. I thank God for blessing me with 3 wonderful kids!   I'm also very grateful to have a wonderful husband to share the parenting.  I think people need to go back to the beginning when there was a husband and wife and together they raised a family.

"The parent is the strongest statement that the child hears regarding what it means to be alive and real. More than what we say or do, the way we are expresses what we think it means to be alive. So the articulate parent is less a telling than a listening individual. "Quotation by Polly Berrien Berends

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